Chef Moses has twenty years of culinary experience. He learned the importance of using the freshest ingredients early on. He was introduced to cooking by his mother Annabell, when at 10 years old he prepared a steak dinner for her. She knew then that he had an interest in cooking. Chef Moses continues that fine tradition of using only the best ingredients as if he were still preparing meals for Annabell. In addition to the old family favorites, Chef Moses takes these same recipes and interjects new twists to create his signature soups and sauces.

Chef Moses attended Southern University where he played football and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology. He then decided to cultivate his love for preparing food by getting formal training at the Culinary Institute of New Orleans. . After graduating, Chef Moses exhibited his culinary skills in his native city of New Orleans. While under the tutelage of such renowned Chefs as Emeril Laggasse at Nola’s restaurant and Paul Prudhomme at K-Paul Louisiana Kitchen, Chef Moses learned the art and distinctions between Creole and Cajun cooking. In broad terms, Creole cooking is city cooking, based on French traditions, but with influences from Spain, Africa, Germany, Italy, and the West Indies. Creole food is subtle in flavor. The Acadians (later Cajuns) developed the Cajun style as they learned to live in the south Louisiana swamps. Cajun food is pungent and much spicier than Creole. Understanding this distinction helped Chef Moses to create his signature Creole dish crawfish bisque and Cajun dish pasta jambalaya.

Chef Moses was fortunate to have had prestigious positions as Food and Beverage Director at the Holiday Inn, Evening Chef at the Court of Two Sisters and the Executive Chef and General Manager at the Praline Connection in New Orleans. Through these experiences, Chef Moses has cultivated his skills and his own style to masterfully create his dishes.

Chef Moses spent lots of time and his own money to feed the misplaced victims of hurricane Katrina. The people in his community were very appreciative of those efforts. Chef Moses has a passion for people and food. He displayed his culinary skills at various festivals such as Essence, Heritage Jazz Fest, and the French Quarter Festival. He has prepared dishes for several events at the New Orleans Food Museum. He was also featured with the Praline Connection in the Where Magazine and Louisiana Cooking Magazine. Most recently Chef Moses prepared dishes for the Ladies in Red Gala and the Delta Sigma Theta sorority in New Orleans. Chef Moses was featured on the WWL TV news demonstrating one of his many signature dishes, militon slaw and pan fried speckle trout.

Chef Moses continues to show his love for food and people by offering his talents to demonstrate to others how to prepare delicious meals through cooking classes and his catering service, Jess Nawlings Catering. His passion and desire is to share the joy of cooking with everyone and his slogan is “there is no short cut for cooking good food for the soul”.